Stop worrying about your IS

Our consultants will help you meet regulatory IT requirements such as those imposed by GDPR, CSSF, European regulations and internal or external audits.

  • Rely on one of our certified experts
  • Comply with the standards and regulations of your business sector, such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, CSSF circulars, DORA, etc.
  • Reduce your IT and information related risks
  • Gain better visibility and responsiveness to security incidents
  • Raise awareness and train your staff in cybersecurity threats and best practices

Our Approach

Our approach is based on different well-established cybersecurity frameworks such as the ISO 27000 family, adapted to the clients particularities.

Through a first IT risk assessment we build a Security Maturity Matrix “SMM”, to allow you track and monitor over time the following points:

  • A structured, documented and detailed inventory of your IT Infrastructure, threats and vulnerabilities,
  • Your deficiencies and needs with defined priorities,
  • The evolution of IT compliance regulations related to your business.

Our offer is based on mutual trust with our clients to make them face future challenges with more confidence and serenity.

Why AdronH?

  • A Luxembourg based actor, AdronH is a people-centered IT company,
  • Certified security experts working in synergy with clients’s teams to provide the best solutions adaptated to their needs,
  • Our consultants have extensive knowledge of CSSF circulars, GDPR, NIS2, DORA and other regulations,
  • We give each of our clients keys to autonomy in IT security via a change management plan, training sessions and continued support.