Cybersecurity tailored to suit your needs

Back to the concept’s origin, the HADRON…

“The Large Collider is a subatomic particle accelerator (HADRONS) which makes it possible to bring the light out of the dark matter.”

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Our job, Cybersecurity

Located and active in Luxembourg, but also in the neighboring countries, AdronH is a young company of Cybersecurity consultants. We support companies and public institutions with their digital transformation towards new and secure business platforms.

Our role is to assist you in identifying, and countering, the risks that your IT Systems are subject to. We help you to implement safe solutions for optimal IT Systems security. The human aspect and interaction are at the core of our business. We take pride in understanding the needs and business processes of your company, to best tailor creative solutions fitting your individual profile. The dynamics of our interactions will guarantee the success of the adopted strategy.

Our customized solutions are in-line, and sometimes beyond, industry practice and market trends.

Our Expertise

Identity & Access Management

Ensure the success of your IAM project with AdronH

If you face identity and/or access management issues, AdronH supports you from launch of Call for Tenders to the implementation of the solution.

as a service

Outsource your CISO, as a service, with confidence with AdronH’s offer

Our offer is aimed at SME business companies looking for IT compliance: GDPR, CSSF…
Our part-time CISO will efficiently guide and accompany you through your IT security audits and controls.

Secure M365

Enforce your Microsoft Cloud Environment security

For SMEs using Microsoft Cloud technologies dealing with compliance constraints and security requirements, unable to fulfill them internally, Secure M365 is the tailor-made and adaptable, Microsoft 365 security offer.

NIS2 Directive Implementer

Comply with NIS2 Directive

For companies who have to meet regulatory and technical requirements mentioned in the NIS2 Directive, and struggle with them internally, our offer helps you to master your information system security and ensure compliance.


Do you need help protecting your business?

Our certified experts are here to advise you on IT security

Our Luxembourg based team will be the interface between your IT and your business entities providing advice, guidance and implementation.